Windows Installation Instructions

The Windows X86 release is a self extracting archive. You will need about six megabytes of free disk space to install the JDK. Execute the file by double-clicking on it in the File Manager or by selecting Run… from the Program Manager’s File menu and typing the path to the file. This will unpack the archive. The full path is unimportant, but for simplicity’s sake I am going to assume you installed it from the root of your C: drive. If this is the case the files will live in C:\java. If you unpacked it somewhere else just replace C:\ by the full path to the java directory in what follows.

You will need to add C:\java\bin directory to your PATH environment variable

In addition to the java files, the archive includes two common DLL’s:

  • MFC30.DLL

These two files will be installed in your java directory. If you do not already have copies of these two files on your system, (There’s a very good chance you do, probably in your system directory.) copy them into the C:\java\bin directory. If you do have these two files already, just delete these extra copies.

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